Mixed Media



... I chose black and red to denote the sadness and the tragedy of the death of parents caused by drug abuse. The white represents the innocence of the many children who are left behind, children that will never know their parents. The Drug Abuse Orphans (DAO) are depicted as the sad children in the piece. There are millions of orphans around the world because of their parents’ drug abuse. We only know of the ones whose parents are in the limelight, the media draws attention to their tragic lives, and that is all we see. But those are only few of the thousands and thousands of cases of drug abuse orphans all around the world.

This piece is to draw attention not only to those kids that we see in the media, but to all the others. This is a serious problem that the world is facing today and the only way to fix it is to raise awareness.



Drug Abuse Orphans
mixed media on canvas
24" h x 36" w











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